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Featuring games are from following tournaments, Kazan (World Championship Candidates), La Habana, Lublin, Danzhou, Leon (rapid), Medias, Paks, New Delhi, Biel, Dortmund, Rostov on Don (Women’s Grand Prix), Russia (ch), France (ch), Khanty-Mansiysk (World Cup), etc.

There are more than 100 contributors (66 grandmasters) from thirty-four countries, including well-known players, e.g. Anand, Vitiugov, Tomashevsky, Rublevsky, Volokitin, Inarkiev, Bologan, Sasikiran, Beliavsky, Sargissian, Sjugirov, Wesley So, Marin, Roiz, Tiviakov, Kiril Georgiev, Eric Hansen, Sam Shankland, Jan Timman,

Gagunashvili, Rogers, Vuckovic, Rob. Markus, Ivanisevic, Mastrovasilis brothers, Bassem Amin, Golod, Sulskis, K.Szabo, Halkias, Golod, Enders, Stohl, Zontakh, Haba, B. Damljanovic, Mikhalchishin ...

New column: RISING STARS
This issue of Chess Informant sees the introduction of a new column, giving the stage to young aspiring players to make their presence known.

For the first time in the history of this publication, we include, especially for this column, verbal annotations of games in English, so as to allow our commentators to express their thoughts and sentiments during these games and let their personality come through to the reader.

We hope that the column will add a youthful flavor to the book and look forward to receiving contributions from young players all over the world!

For the inaugural column of Rising Stars, our first protagonist, Canadian International Master Eric Hansen from Calgary annotates his exciting first game in the 2011 World Cup, versus top Azeri grandmaster Vugar Gashimov, as well as a spectacular win from the Canadian Championship he won.

Voted by jury, the best game in Informant 111 is the game Pansulaia- Judit Polgar annotated by Judit Polgar. Jury members were expert GM’s Beliavsky, Christiansen, Marin, Matanovic, Mikhalchishin, Ribli and Speelman.

Voted by jury, the best theoretical novelty from Informant 111 is introduced in the game Anand-Wang Hao, annotated by World champion Vishanatan Anand. TN jury members were expert GM’s Beliavsky, Benjamin, Jussupow, Lutz, Matanovic, Mikhalchishin and Timman.

Best theoretical novelty is included in ECO E. Line E25 Nimzo-Indian Defence in ECO style is presented by IM Goran Arsovic.

• Chess Informant Labs 112; Latest chess opening trends from Grandmaster’s point of view. (7 Theoretical surveys)

1. B19 Caro-Kann Defence; Classical Variation; by GM Dragan Solak
2. B48 Sicilian Defence, Paulsen Variation; by GM Milos Perunovic
3. B52 Sicilian Defence, Canal-Sokolsky Attack; by GM Dejan Pikula
4. C41 Philidor Defence; by GM Bojan Vuckovic
5. D32 Tarrasch Defence, Von Henning-Schara Gambit; by GM Ivan Ivanisevic
6. D44 Semi-Slav Defence, Botvinnik Variation; by GM Kidambi Sundararajan
7. E10 Queen’s Pawn Game; Blumenfeld Gambit; by GM Aleksander Delchev

Chess Informant 112 brings the following content as well:

• Problems; A selection of chess problems prepared by International Solving Grandmaster and Grandmaster of Chess Compositions Milan Velimirovic. (9 problems).
• Studies; A selection of chess studies prepared by International Master and International Master of the Chess Compositions Yochanan Afek (9 studies).
• Endgames (9 endgames).
• Combinations (9 studies).
• Excellent Moves presents aesthetically pleasing and charming positions that do not fit the strict definition of beginning with a sacrifice for inclusion in our Combinations section. (9 examples)
• Tournaments tables and cross tables.
• Portrait of Victor Bologan is presenting 30 games, 18 endings, 18 combinations, mostly annotated by player himself.

Starting from 2012, you can expect Chess Informant editions at four times per year, every third month starting from March 1st.


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